Early pregnancy ultrasound scans are typically not easily accessible to all pregnant women through the NHS. It can give crucial details about a pregnancy and aid in keeping track of, anticipating, and even averting some potential difficulties in the future.

What is an early pregnancy scan?

One of the most crucial ultrasound scans during pregnancy is the Early Pregnancy Scan, which confirms the pregnancy and ensures the fetus is growing as planned. It can be done again after 8 weeks later to monitor your baby’s typical growth and to make sure the heartbeat is heard and regular.You can go to a nearby clinic in Edinburgh to get  Baby Scans for baby checkup . 

An early prenatal ultrasound is beneficial for many reasons.

  • You’ll get a pregnancy confirmation ultrasound soon.
  • It will reveal whether your pregnancy is normal or ectopic. Ectopic conception refers to an egg that was fertilized outside of the uterus, in the Fallopian tube.
  • It can tell whether you are expecting a single child, twins, or even triplets.
  • Most importantly, it will pick up the fetus’ regular heartbeat.
  • Your sonographer can determine the conception date based on the size of the foetus and, in turn, certify the due date of your delivery. Even in cases of irregular periods, this way of determining your due date is more accurate than depending on your last period.
  • Statistically many pregnancies do not make it through the first trimester, Early pregnancy ultrasound examinations can help diagnose problems in the first trimester.

When can it be done?

Early pregnancy scans can be carried out from 8 weeks of pregnancy. An early pregnancy scan can be done to confirm your pregnancy and ensure your baby is healthy. It can be done again later, up until the fourteenth week.  Make an appointment nearby to get 4D Scans in Edinburgh.

Who performs an Ultrasound scan?

Your scan will be carried out by a qualified sonographer or radiographer, who has received specialized training and is licensed to perform ultrasound scans. Ask your medical staff whether you can have printed copies of the ultrasound pictures of your child to take them home with you.

How to get ready for ultrasound?

You should attend your scan with a full bladder, to do so it is advisable that you drink 2 glasses of water prior to your scan.