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4D & 3D Baby Scan Packages & Fees

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All Ultrasound scans should offer medical benefits and not be solely for aesthetic
purposes. Our 2D, 3D and 4D scans are primarily intended to enhance parental
bonding. There is increasing evidence of both psychological and other health
benefits reported in various medical journals over the past few years. We believe
that following the 2D, 3D and 4D baby scans the mother´s care of herself and
therefore the care of her baby may improve. She may be more inclined to eat
healthier, be more careful in her day-to-day activities and reduce her alcohol and
tobacco intake.

Our 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound scans are not performed as a check for Foetal
abnormalities. If however, any abnormality is detected by the Sonographer,
he/she will explain their findings as fully as possible to you. At your request the
Sonographer will liase with your GP or maternity unit and a report will be sent to
your health professionals.

The 3D and 4D baby scan appointment length is 30 to 45 minutes depending
on the package you choose. This is to allow for scanning and preparation of
DVD, CD Rom and prints. You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your 3D and 4D
scanning appointment to fill out registration forms etc. Our policy is not to exceed
the scanning time beyond 30 minutes. Usually the scanning time will range from
10-30 minutes to allow for a 5, 10 or 15 minute recording. As your baby may not
be in an ideal position on arrival the length of appointment will allow time for the baby to change position. You will also have time to move or walk around in order to get the best views of the baby.

For optimal 3D scan images and 4D scan movie the best time to arrange
a visit is between 24 and 32 weeks.

The quality of your 3D and 4D baby scan images are determined by the baby´s
position, amount of amniotic fluid around the baby (the more the better) and the
amount of tissue (skin, fat and muscle) between the probe and the baby.

The most important factor is the baby´s position. If the baby is lying in a difficult
position a satisfactory 3D and 4D ultrasound scan may be difficult.

We are able to accommodate up to 6 members of your family and friends when
you attend for your 3D and 4D scan appointment. We would ask that small
children and babies be accompanied by at least one adult otherwise you may lose
valuable scanning time.

Please ensure that you bring your antenatal records when you attend for
you 2D, 3D and 4D baby scan appointment so that we can contact your
health professionals if necessary .

Gender determination is optional and only possible if the baby is in a position where the
gender can be easily identifiable. We cannot guarantee an accurate diagnosis of your
baby’s gender.

Payment can be made by cash, credit/debit card when you book the appointment
or visit. Cheques are not accepted.

We accept self-referral for all our packages.

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