4D Scan Movie

4D Scan Movie Versus HD Live Movie

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On the left is a standard 4D scan movie, on the right is an HD Live movie which is available in our Glasgow clinic!

What is a 4D Scan?

4D refers to the 4th dimension of time resulting in a real time moving 3D image of the foetus. The 4D scan is created by taking a series of consecutive 3D scans over a period of time.

However, to produce a moving 4D scan of the foetus the ultrasound scanning equipment first needs to have the capability of generating 3D scans.

Surprisingly, 3D ultrasound scanning technology has been under development for many years.  Tom Brown, an engineer from Glasgow built the first 3D ultrasound machine in 1976!

In the past ten years the development of 3D and 4D ultrasound equipment has accelerated and this is mainly due to the rapid advancement of computer technology.

The basic principal behind the GE Voluson’s 3D and 4D scanning technology is to align the successive parallel 2D scan images together and use a technique called surface rendering which has its origin in computer graphics engineering to generate the 3D ultrasound image.

3D refers to the 3rd dimension giving depth to the image.  Therefore, with 3D scanning you can see the shape of the baby’s face.  The 3D baby scan can then be given any colour but in most cases is given a golden hue as it is regarded to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

Compared with the traditional 2D scanning the new 4D scanning technology gives you more insight into what is happening within the mother’s womb.  With the 4D baby scans you are able to see the foetus in extraordinary lifelike detail. Especially in the later stages of pregnancy, when you can see the foetus behave in a similar manner to a newborn baby. With 3D and 4D baby scan technology you can see the foetus smile, yawn, suck on his or her fingers, scratch his or her nose and exhibit many other behaviours of a newborn baby.

With all of our 3D/4D packages we will provide you with still 3D scan images on a CD Rom, colour photos and the 4D baby scan is recorded onto a DVD.

If you require further information regarding our 3D and 4D scanning packages please visit our Packages and Fees page and Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you still have some questions remaining regarding our 3D and 4D baby scans please feel free to contact us.  Our contact details are listed on the Contact Us page.