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Welcome to Baby Scanning
3D & 4D Ultrasound Clinic

4D baby scan

Timeline. Glasgow was the birth place of medical ultrasound in the 1960’s. In 2005 BabyScanning® was the first 4D baby scanning facility in Glasgow, Scotland.

Don’t be misled! We are the only baby scanning clinic in Ingram House, 227 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1DA. Our company is Baby Scanning Ltd. Website: www.babyscanning.co.uk. We have been operating from this premises since 2005 and have 11 years expertise in 4D scanning.

In 2007 Babyscanning® was the first private baby scanning clinic to open in Aberdeen. We have a purpose built facility in the West End of Aberdeen. Please click here for our special offers in Aberdeen.

In Glasgow, BabyScanning® have brought to the doorstep of all Scottish mothers the most advanced American ultrasound machine in the world. Welcome to HD Live!. It now truly looks as if we are taking an image within the womb. Click on the brown button to the right with image of the foetus or here to see HD Live!

Baby Scanning in Glasgow is the only clinic in Scotland which is using the most powerful and advanced machine in the world. This is not only more sophisticated for 4D scans and HD Live! but is better for early pregnancy scan, gender scans and so on.

We are one of the most experienced 4D scanning clinics run by medical professionals

Heartbeat Bear

3D & 4D baby scansbaby scanning special offersHD Live 4D baby scan Glasgow

**Special Offer for Glasgow, Paisley & Aberdeen 4D Scans Clinic

  • 53% off Package A: (4D Scan Package). Normally £190, Now £79!
  • Appointment length: 30 minutes
  • With this you are given a 5-10 minute 4D scan movie on DVD*
  • CD Rom with 10-20 images.
  • Find out foetal gender if requested.
  • 6 A4 sized 3D scan pictures.
  • Optional Add one of our heartbeat bears to this package for £20.
  • Black Teddy + 20

No other hidden costs. This is the package you will walk away with, with CDs/DVDs in their cases and all contained in a polypropylene folder.

**Special Offer for Glasgow HD Live (Advanced Technology)

  • 77% off HD Live: (HD Live Package). Normally £295, Now £69!
  • Appointment length: 30 minutes
  • With this you are given a 5 minute mixture of HD Live and 4D Scans on DVD* as both technologies require different conditions to obtain optimal imaging.
  • CD Rom with a mixture of 10 to 20, HD Live and 3D scan images.
  • Find out foetal gender if requested.
  • 4 A4 sized HD Live pictures.
  • Please click here to see HD Live in action HD LIVE.
  • Please click here to see 4D Scans in action 4D SCAN MOVIE.
  • Optional Add one of our heartbeat bears to this package for £20.
  • Black Teddy + 20

Please note that it can take some time to obtain an optimal 4D scan movie. Some clinics are offering 10, 15 and 20 minutes for these scans (please check the small print). This is an unrealistic time frame to achieve an adequate 4D scan movie and finalise the DVD. So please ensure that you check the appointment lengths before you book as it is inevitable that majority of patients are likely to have a very disappointing experience. We have to allocate 30 minutes for our 4D scans movies to avoid disappointment for our patients. However, we are aware that patients may want a smaller and cheaper package. Within a 15 minute time frame we are confident that we can provide still 3D scan facial images both on a CD Rom and provide 2 A4 sized pictures. Also within this time we can check the gender of the baby.

**Special Offer for Glasgow, Paisley & Aberdeen 3D Baby Scans. Only £59!

  • Package C: 3D Baby Scans. Only £59!
  • For optimal facial 3D scan images, we recommend that this is carried out between 26 to 32 weeks
  • Appointment length: 15 minutes.
  • CD Rom with 5-10 still 3D scan images.
  • 2 A4 sized 3D scan pictures.
  • Find out foetal gender if requested.
  • Optional Add one of our heartbeat bears to this package for £20.
  • Black Teddy + 20

**Special Offer for Glasgow, Paisley & Aberdeen 2D/4D Gender Scans

  • Package E: (2D/4D Gender Scan). Normally £75 now £35!
  • Appointment length: 5-10 minutes.
  • CD Rom with still 2D & 4D scan images.
  • This can be carried out in our Glasgow clinic from 16 weeks onwards.
  • In our Glasgow clinic; you also have the opportunity to have a glimpse of your baby in 4D at no additional cost.
  • Optional Add one of our heartbeat bears to this package for £20.
  • Black Teddy + 20

**Special Offer for Glasgow HD Live Gender Scans

  • Package J: (HD Live Gender Scan). Normally £95 now £50!
  • This package is available between 18-23 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Appointment length: 15 minutes.
  • 2 A4 sized HD Live scan pictures.
  • CD Rom with still 4D & HD Live scan images.
  • Short DVD with 4D & HD Live clips
  • Optional Add one of our heartbeat bears to this package for £20.
  • Black Teddy + 20

**Special Offer for Glasgow, Paisley & Aberdeen Early Pregnancy Scans

  • Package D: (Early Pregnancy Scan). Normally £90 now £39!
  • Appointment length: 15 minutes, of which you can expect 4 to 10 minutes of scanning time.
  • 1 CD image to take home.
  • This can be carried out from 8 weeks.
  • Purpose of Scan: to confirm an on-going intra-uterine pregnancy and to check that there is a foetal heart beat. The presence of 1, 2 or more babies can be established.
  • No Gender determination at this stage.

Our company has never taken a booking fee since its inception in 2005 and we always endeavour to provide a high level of service. You should be careful before purchase a voucher. You should not be expected to pay a booking fee for any clinic. If a company thrives on delivering a high level of service they will not ask for any money up front, as there would be no need to.

Pick up the phone and speak to us. You need to know about the company that you are entering into an arrangement with!

*dependant on baby’s position, amniotic fluid, adipose tissue

Our Reasoning Behind Introducing a Discounted Package

We have been on various forums and many patients have expressed concerns about their purchase of vouchers which are too good to be true. The offers are very attractive with £99 3D and 4D scans. Who wouldn’t find these offers irresistible?! The reality is that voucher companies take up to 50% of the price which equates to about £50. The scanning company then has to provide a 45 minute appointment for £49.

Now, you have to ask yourself.

1) Are these companies able to accommodate 200+ customers who have also purchased the vouchers? Many of the complaints on the forums are that their telephone calls are not taken despite repeated attempts and that they have difficulty making appointments despite having already parted with their money. They have expressed difficulties in choosing their appointment times.

2) Can these companies afford to pay qualified staff (Sonographers/Radiographers) who charge £30 to £40 hour?

3) Do they have maintenance and service contracts in place for their ultrasound machines which costs in the region of £7000 to £8000 per year?

4) How can these companies pay their rent/rates and google charges and the above expenses for £49/hour?

It is dangerous for this medical equipment to be operated by unqualified staff and not be serviced and maintained on annual basis.

There are various settings on these machines which have to be monitored and controlled carefully. An example of these are the mechanical and the thermal indices. These have to be kept at low levels to ensure no harm to the foetus. If an unqualified person operates these machines they can potentially be causing harm to the foetus. Collectively with other reputable baby scanning companies we cannot be involved with voucher companies as it is obviously financially impossible to provide the service using qualified staff, at the rates set and commissions taken by the voucher companies.

Our clinic is owned by a General Medical Practitioner, so we have a duty of care to the patient. Our 3D and 4D scans are carried out by qualified sonographers and radiographers. We have maintenance and service contracts in place for our equipment.

Given the above expenses we believe that we can provide the above discounted packages without compromising level of service or compromising patient safety.

In the current climate we understand that patients don’t want to pay more than they have to, so we have discounted our main 4D baby scans package which we feel is very good value for money given the cost of providing medical services.

**this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

3D Scans

At Baby Scanning, we are able to offer you the most technologically advanced 3D scanning service currently available. These cutting edge imaging techniques allow you to see your unborn baby in extraordinarily high detail.

4D Scans

Many expecting parents have been amazed by how the foetus moves in ways very similar to a newborn baby. With our 4D scans, you can see the foetus smile, yawn, suck on his or her fingers, scratch his or her nose and exhibit many other behaviours of a newborn baby.

2D ultrasound technology has been used for the past 30 years in Obstetrics as it is regarded as the only safe method of viewing the foetus within the mother´s womb. For our 4D scan, we use state of the art 4D ultrasound technology allowing the parents to see their baby a lot more clearly using the same type and intensity of ultrasound. Visit our 4D Scans page for more information.

Our Guiding Principal:

3D Ultrasound

All 3D ultrasound scans should offer medical benefits and not be solely for aesthetic purposes. Our 3D ultrasound baby scans are primarily intended to enhance parental bonding. Over the past few years there have been

reports in various medical journals that 3D ultrasound baby scans have both psychological and other health benefits.

4D Ultrasound

We believe that following 4D Ultrasound scanning the mother´s care of herself and therefore the care of her baby may improve. She may be more inclined to eat healthier, be more careful in her day-to-day activities and reduce her

alcohol and tobacco intake. Visit our 4D Ultrasound page for more information.